Back to School Lunches: Recipes Made with Tower Garden Produce

For some, when the month of August hits, it can only mean one thing — back-to-school time! This season comes with buying school supplies, shopping for new clothes, and, of course, packing lunches.

But packing school lunches isn’t always a fun task. So why not mix it up a little bit with some healthy lunch recipes made from Tower Garden produce? Even better, it’s an easy way to get the kids involved and do something together. We know just how difficult it can be for parents to find time to make healthy choices during the back to school rush, so we’ve outlined a few healthy options for parents as well – since healthy starts with you!

Stuffed Peppers

Nothing says meal variety like stuffed peppers! Take the peppers that you’re growing off of your Tower Garden and fill them with all of the good stuff like lean ground turkey, onions, brown rice, and your Tower Garden tomatoes. It’ll be a real treat for your kids at lunchtime.

Spinach Strawberry Salad

Who doesn’t love a quick, easy salad? And it tastes even better when you grow it yourself! Try out this summery spinach strawberry salad, pulling both the strawberries and spinach from your Tower Garden. Top if off with a little oil and vinegar, and you’re all set!

Green Pea Soup

Switch things up by making your kids a healthy green pea soup garnished with chives for lunch. Both ingredients can be grown on your Tower Garden! This soup can serve as a way for your kids to eat their greens, while also adding a new meal to their usual lunchtime eats.

Vegetable Lettuce Wraps

This is a great way to make something healthy, and it also tastes delicious and is fun to eat! So grab some lettuce from your Tower Garden, throw in some tofu, and this crunchy meal is sure to become a lunchtime staple.

These are just a few ways you can use your Tower Garden for lunches during this school year. And if you're lucky, maybe your kid’s classroom will be sprouting some fresh produce too! Read about how to engage students with a classroom Tower Garden here.

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